Vascular Diagnostic Systems


Vascular Diagnostic Systems

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Non-invasive vascular diagnostic systems are highly specialised devices but should never be too limited in application. To this end, MedTech Edge offer various ultramodern solutions that are comprehensive, while still intended for different vascular diagnostic services. Each allows your facility to perform an extensive range of tests targeting specific vascular disorders or conditions without resorting to using different devices for each patient.


In addition to having a single solution for all vascular diagnostics, you also benefit from standardised reporting and data collection, regardless of the tests performed. The area in which our solutions are dedicated to specific uses is in peripheral vascular and cerebrovascular diagnostics.

Peripheral Vascular Diagnostics

The Viasonix Falcon/PRO is the most advanced peripheral vascular diagnostic system on the market, suitable for vascular investigations in clinics, hospitals, and research facilities. Supplied throughout Australia and New Zealand by MedTech Edge, this solution supports Pulse Volume Recording (PVR), Continuous Wave Doppler, Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), Segmental Blood Pressure (SBP), Photo-plethysmography (PPG), and Air Plethysmography (APG) testing amongst others. Many vascular diagnostic systems limit Plethysmography testing to PPG on some models, with APG only available on more advanced models. With the Falcon/PRO both PPG and APG are supported as standard, it provides more options when testing venous reflux1.


Other standard features of the Falcon/PRO include ten pressure channels, three Doppler frequencies (4 MHz, 8 MHz, and 10 MHz), and five PPG ports. Automated inflation, deflation, and testing are all supported, along with the ability for you to create an unlimited number of protocols, and easily configure and edit them.


Cerebrovascular Diagnostics

The Dolphin Transcranial Doppler range–also developed by Viasonix and distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia by MedTech Edge–is primarily used for cerebrovascular diagnosis and examination in neurology and neurosurgery departments in hospitals and specialised settings. The Dolphin TCD range includes three cost-effective systems with near identical features but designed for use in a variety of settings.

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Dolphin 4D

The Dolphin 4D is a comprehensive standalone TCD system for dedicated use in a single location, and weighs only 6kg with an integrated computer featuring an 18″ LED capacitive Multi Touch screen. The Dolphin 4D supports both pulsed wave (PW) and continuous wave (CW) Doppler using 1.6 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz and 8 MHz probes, with five probe connectors.

Dolphin Max

The Dolphin Max is identical to the Dolphin 4D, with the key difference being an internal rechargeable battery. This makes the Dolphin Max a fully portable TCD system that is ideal for settings where the system needs to be moved between patients, such as an ICU that has limited access. Depending on use, battery operation time is up to six hours.

dolphin max
Dolphin IQ

Dolphin IQ

For facilities and practices that already have a suitable computer system and processes and are looking for a new TCD system that offers a complete range of features for clinical examinations, the Dolphin IQ is ideal. With the same features found in the 4D and Max models, the Dolphin IQ is more portable than the 4D, though still requires an external computer and touch screen monitor.

All models of the Dolphin TCD system include full networking, and by using the DICOM standard, each will easily integrate into any existing systems. Reporting, screens, user profiles, and protocols are all fully configurable, allowing you to adapt the system to your requirements, and significantly lowering any learning curve. Breath holding, Vasomotor reactivity (VMR), Patient Foramen Ovale (PFO), Sickle Cell, vasospasm, and high intensity transient signals (HITS) are a few of the speciality tests and detection protocol supported by all Dolphin TCD systems.


Contact us to learn more about the specific features of our Falcon/PRO peripheral vascular diagnostic system or the Dolphin range of Transcranial Doppler system for cerebrovascular function measures. Or schedule a free demonstration of the Falcon/PRO or Dolphin TCD system to fully assess each feature and to see how easily these ultramodern and comprehensive diagnostic systems will adapt to and integrate with your existing workflows.



Dr M. Aziz, Toowoomba Vascular, QLD

I have used the Falcon Pro for the past 12 months and I loved the customisation and
flexibility of the system. The learning curve was minimal, the unit is reliable and robust and the Doppler signal is accurate.

Dr M. Aziz

Toowoomba Vascular, QLD

Professor J. Fletcher, Westmead Hospital, NSW.

Our update to the Viasonix system has been an important development
for our Vascular Laboratory.
We can offer a complete range of physiological tests for vascular investigations.

Professor J. Fletcher

Westmead Hospital, NSW.

Mr. R. Allan, Flinders Medical Centre, SA.

We have used the Falcon Pro for the past year and we have found the unit to be easy to
use and requiring a minimum of staff training.
It is easily configurable and has allowed us to save time through the use of the pre-programmable protocols.

Mr. R. Allan

Flinders Medical Centre, SA.
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