MedTech Edge is delighted to be able to bring DermaCompare to Australia.

DermaCompare is a unique solution using military-based aerial computer vision technology concepts – which enable missiles to precisely hit targets that are hundreds of kilometres away – in order to help prevent and cure skin cancer. DermaCompare – an Emerald Medical Application.

Emerald Medical Application is an exciting start-up that has developed a software platform that uses state-of-the-art Image Processing technology applied to the medical field of Dermatology, in early detection of Melanoma (skin cancer). DermaCompare is a SaaS, cloud-based software platform for medical professionals and their patients as well as a service solution which will revolutionize the process of preventive care and early detection of skin cancer.


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Flexible Home Use By Using Your Own Smartphone

Off The Shelf Imaging Technologies - Making Healthcare Accessible

DermaCompare integrates augmented reality that enables physicians to  review the patient’s skin, using their smartphone or Google Glass.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

Automated image processing for identifying and registering skin moles.

This platform will provide for the first time a global multidimensional database of the  human skin accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Maps and anchors the ‘Melanoma Starting Point’

Fully automated skin mole registration and anchoring

Dermacompare provides leading edge predictive technology that uses multidimensional databases for actual, real-time retrieval of data  regarding skin moles and skin lesions.

Harnessing the power and unbiquity of crowd sourcing

Cloud Computing allows for low cost detection

This innovative solution is aligned with health initiatives taken by governments globally, ensuring that these more efficient detection methods will save more lives.

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