The Segmental Venous Capacitance / Maximum Venous Outflow (MVO/SVC) test is designed to assess lower limb venous outflow. The test is performed with the patient in supine position and the legs slightly elevated. 

To perform the test, place a cuff on the thigh, and another cuff on the calf, record waveform obtained from cuff on the calf until a baseline is reached, rapidly inflate the thigh cuff to occlude veins until a plateau is reached, rapidly deflate the thigh cuff. Falcon Pro will automatically calculate and display MVO/SVC which is a rate calf cuff pressure decrease in pre-defined time frame of total pressure increase following thigh cuff inflation.

Figure is an example of bilateral MVO/SVC test. Both legs were measured simultaneously. The waveform above shows the calf cuff pressure changes during the test and the waveform below presents a zoom-in on the deflation part (blue rectangle). Decrease in MVO/SVC suggests venous obstruction.