ABI Machines

ABI Machines

Ankle-brachial index (ABI) machines are a fast, non-invasive way to test for–and monitor–peripheral artery disease (PAD). There are dedicated ABI machines available–with or without Doppler Ability – that do little more than take automated measurements and print out the results. These are great devices for in-home patient monitoring, and for use in certain settings such as by sports physicians and in smaller healthcare clinics. But for more comprehensive diagnostics using other tests and protocols, a vascular diagnostics system is recommended. Melbourne-based MedTech Edge supply the Viasonix Falcon/PRO throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Falcon/PRO is the most advanced vascular system in the market and includes PPG and Doppler ultrasound capabilities in addition to fast and accurate ABI testing.

Using the Falcon/PRO for ABI Tests


A key requirement with ABI tests is for them to be simple and fast to carry out, but with accurate results delivered every time. With the Falcon/PRO a standard ABI test can be completed in minutes. The tubes used to connect pressure cuffs are colour-coded, allowing for uncomplicated placement on right and left brachial and ankle sites. Once placed, all that is left to do is select the ABI protocol and the device automatically performs the relevant tests. The Falcon/PRO supports an unlimited number of protocols that you can build, configure, or edit as needed. Although cuff inflation and deflation can be automated, you are still able to customise the inflation pressure and the deflate rate to ensure optimal measurements with each test.


However, being a complete vascular diagnostics system, the Falcon/PRO also includes Doppler ultrasound and Photoplethysmography (PPG) functionality. The device supports three Doppler probes at 4 MHz, 8 MHz, and 10 MHz frequencies, with the 10 MHz probe ideally suited for examining more superficial peripheral blood vessels. The device also has five PPG channels, and you can use disk, finger, or toe clips, with simultaneous finger and toe measurements possible. Like the pressure cuffs, the Doppler probes and all the PPG sensors are colour-coded for ease of use.


The use of Doppler to measure the distal waveform is the gold standard for ABI measurements, with PPG sensors a suitable secondary method for measurements at specific locations.

Segmental Blood Pressure Measurements


The Falcon/PRO has 10 independent colour-coded pressure channels, making it the ideal device for also taking Segmental Blood Pressure (SBP) measurements from up to 10 locations at once. As with ABI testing, the use of Doppler probes or PPG sensors is necessary, with Doppler used for obtaining a Posterior Tibial (PT) or Dorsalis Pedis (DP) waveform, or the PPG sensors positioned on the toes to generate a PPG waveform.


One button operation and automatic cuff inflation and deflation simplify and speed up the test, but full customisation of pressure and protocols is always possible, along with manual adjustment of the cursor that the system automatically places at the proposed systolic pressure location.


The Falcon/PRO can automate many steps and processes in each test, but never without allowing you to configure or manually adjust these for optimal measurements with each test.

standard ABI test

Example of a standard ABI test carried out using Viasonix Falcon/PRO ABI Doppler machine with an 8 MHz Doppler probe.

ABI tests and SBP measurements are not the only vascular diagnostics possible with the Falcon/PRO, routine and specialty tests also supported include


Routine Examinations Specialty Tests
Upper Extremities Lower Extremities Venous
Doppler Measurements Raynaud’s Syndrome Screening Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) Measurements Venous Reflux Screening
Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Screening Penile Function and Impotence Testing Maximal Venous Outflow (MVO) and Segmental Venous Capacitance (SVC) Determination
Photoplethysmography (PPG) Palmar Arch Test and Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula Examinations Reactive Hyperemia Examinations
Exercise Stress Test Extracranial Examination1 Air Plethysmography (APG) Tests


1 Dedicated cerebrovascular function measurements are available in the Viasonix Dolphin range of Transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems, also available from MedTech Edge.


All tests and measurements available on the Falcon/PRO support dedicated protocols and reports that are fully customisable and configurable to your needs.


Contact us to learn more about the specific features of the Falcon/PRO ABI machine and vascular diagnostic system. Or schedule a free demonstration to fully assess each feature and to see how easily this ultramodern and comprehensive diagnostic system will adapt to and integrate with your existing workflows and speed up your ABI tests.

Dr M. Aziz, Toowoomba Vascular, QLD

I have used the Falcon Pro for the past 12 months and I loved the customisation and
flexibility of the system. The learning curve was minimal, the unit is reliable and robust and the Doppler signal is accurate.

Dr M. Aziz

Toowoomba Vascular, QLD

Professor J. Fletcher, Westmead Hospital, NSW.

Our update to the Viasonix system has been an important development
for our Vascular Laboratory.
We can offer a complete range of physiological tests for vascular investigations.

Professor J. Fletcher

Westmead Hospital, NSW.

Mr. R. Allan, Flinders Medical Centre, SA.

We have used the Falcon Pro for the past year and we have found the unit to be easy to
use and requiring a minimum of staff training.
It is easily configurable and has allowed us to save time through the use of the pre-programmable protocols.

Mr. R. Allan

Flinders Medical Centre, SA.
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