logo-iconDavid Zarfaty attends Medica 2015, November 16 – 19


logo-iconMedTech Edge install a second Viasonix Falcon Pro at the Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand


logo-iconMedTech Edge are invited to exhibit its unique medical devices at the Victorian Government Halls as part of the MediFuture Innovation Exhibition – June 6 – 8, 2015


logo-iconMedTech Edge signs an exclusive agreement with Inovytec, the makers of the Lubo Collar. They are looking forward to bringing this unique product to the Australian & New Zealand paramedical market.


logo-iconNarrim Segeal, Director of MedTech Edge attended MedinISRAEL 2015. Narrim met with a number of existing suppliers as well as potential partners. Narrim was excited to meet with a range of CEOs and directors at this 3rd biannual international medical device conference.


logo-iconMedTech Edge attend Medica Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.


logo-iconDirector, David Zarfaty goes to Israel to meet different Medical Device suppliers. A range of exciting and innovative companies invite David to meet to explore opportunities in Ausralia, New Zealand and Oceania region.


logo-iconMedTech Edge attend Medica Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.


logo-iconViasonix Falcon Pro invited by Alfred Hospital for demonstration at ASUM (Australian Society of Ultrasound Medicine) Conference.


logo-iconMedTech Edge unique cardiology portable equipment being trialled by national cardiac monitoring group.


logo-iconMedTech Edge attended IUA (International Union of Angiology) 2014 in Sydney in August 2014 presenting the Falcon range of vascular diagnostic systems. Feedback on the system was very positive. Many Vascular Surgeons throughout the Globe attended and were impressed by the flexibility and functionality of the Falcon Pro.


logo-iconDavid Zarfaty, Director of MedTech Edge arrives in Israel to attend Mixiii, Israel Innovation Conference (Biomed / Hi Tech conference).


logo-iconMajor Australian hospital embarking on cardiology testing on new cardiology devices for MedTech Edge.


logo-iconGel ultrasound Dispenser BCL Invent are coming to Australia through MedTech Edge distribution.


logo-iconEmerald Medical Applications and MedTech Edge sign an exclusive partnership agreement to bring DermaCompare to Australia. DermaCompare is the first of its kind population-wide melanoma screening platform. It is a cloud based solution that provides physicians with an automated comparison diagnostic tool for immediate essential mole characteristic information. The software learns the patients profile and alerts the physician on key important factors.


logo-iconMedTech Edge sign with Viasonix to distribute leading Vascular Technology equipment.Add Viasonix logo and photo equipment.


logo-iconPartnering with suppliers around the globe, MedTech Edge participates actively in the international medical industry. In November 2013, one of the Directors Narrim Segeal attended Medica in 2013 to establish some significant relationships with some of the world’s leading technology groups. He met with a range of companies across various sectors.